This site is all about us and our desire to expand our family through adoption.

We hope this information will help you in making the best decision for your baby.

We have a completed home study and are working with a licensed adoption agency. We are able to adopt in any state and all allowable expenses will be paid. Our agency is LDS Family Services and they provide free support and counseling no matter what you choose to do. You can reach them at 1-800-537-2229 or

We are a fun loving Christian family. We are both college educated and strive to give our children every opportunity to succeed in life. We provide loving discipline and structure, along with lots of fun. We believe that no other success in life can compensate for failure in the home.  

We can not imagine what a difficult time you are facing as you make such an important decision. Contrary to what some may believe, unwed parents who place their children for adoption are not taking “the easy way out” or abandoning their responsibility. Instead, they are placing the needs of their children before their own feelings and desires—the essence of true parenthood. Such a decision is deserving of the highest commendation and respect. Your child will always know how much we respect you and love you for your decision. They will always know how much love you have for them.

Dear Birthmother,

Your baby is blessed to have a mother who loves him/her so very much. We know that adoption is an extremely selfless act and one that gives us an opportunity to build our family. We have unconditional love to give and can make your hopes and dreams for your baby come true by providing a loving family, safety and security, laughter, fun and learning as well as every opportunity to succeed in life. We hope and pray that you will be able to do what you feel is right for your baby. We have open hearts, and are ready to add this little bundle of joy to our family. An older brother and sister are already waiting to give your baby love, support and endless fun. We love you for your decision to place this baby with a family that can give him/her an eternal home. We look forward to getting to know you better and to share with your child your strength, courage, and love.

We will be forever grateful,

Kevin and Christa

How We Met:

We first saw each other at Church in 1994. Kevin had just returned from serving a mission and was giving a talk. Christa was home from college for the summer and we quickly became friends. Christa never got Kevin’s subtle hints so he had to wait until she was home from college the following summer to let her know that he wanted to be more than friends. After dating for 6 months we got engaged and were married in August of 1996.

Starting Our Family:

We were excited to start a family and had no idea of the trials and struggles that we would face in trying to do so. Our marriage has become stronger as we have supported each other and we have developed a stronger sense of love and gratitude. We are so grateful the Lord has blessed us with a son and a daughter. It was very difficult for us to conceive. We know our family is not complete. We realize our desire to bring more children into our family will happen through the miracle of adoption. Early on in our marriage, we knew having children would be a challenge and have always thought of adoption as the right path for our family.  

Family Fun:

We love to play. We have a large backyard and close access to a bike/hiking trail. In the spring, summer, and fall, Christa and the kids are always outside playing, riding bikes and taking walks. Flying kites, driving remote control cars and swinging as high as we can on our swing set, fill our days. Snuggling together reading or watching movies fill our nights. We are hands on, involved parents. We do everything we can to help our children reach their full potential and to make sure our children know they are loved.

Where We Live:

We live in a great neighborhood just outside of town. The greatest thing about it is that we are so close to Kevin’s job that he actually walks to work. Because of this, he is able to come home for lunch and play with the kids. Our house is in a safe neighborhood with many other young families. Since we spend a lot of time outdoors, we have gotten to know everyone on our street. There are a couple of other stay at home moms and our children love to play together. We are within walking/biking distance to a few parks. Our children love to play outside, especially Spencer. We enjoy taking walks and bicycling on the trail close to our home. We get to explore nature while spending quality time as a family.

Most of our extended family lives within 2 hours and we are able to spend time with them several times a month. We have a great support system of family and friends who love to play with our children.

What Our Friends Think Of Us:

"Christa stays home with and is very attentive to her current children. They have a strong social support network of friends and family living within a couple hours. Kevin works hard and successfully supports his family while being enjoyable company in his off hours. Again, Christa is my friend. I've seen her at good times and bad. A child entrusted to this family would grow in a home full of love, gospel learning/living, and would be supported in intellectual endeavors. "

"amazing people, talented, educated, and full of love"

"I truly believe that an adopted child would be blessed to have such a close, loving and supportive family!"