Where We Live:

We live in a great neighborhood just outside of town. The greatest thing about it is that we are so close to Kevin’s job that he actually walks to work. Because of this, he is able to come home for lunch and play with the kids. Our house is in a safe neighborhood with many other young families. Since we spend a lot of time outdoors, we have gotten to know everyone on our street. There are a couple of other stay at home moms and our children love to play together. We are within walking/biking distance to a few parks. Our children love to play outside, especially Spencer. We enjoy taking walks and bicycling on the trail close to our home. We get to explore nature while spending quality time as a family.

Most of our extended family lives within 2 hours and we are able to spend time with them several times a month. We have a great support system of family and friends who love to play with our children.